A Week In London: Day 3 - Covent Garden, Oxford Street, Stax Diner

Sebelum I start this entry, I nak kasi disclaimer dulu - this entry will nampak botak tak banyak gambar because we spent the whole day shopping kat Covent Garden and Oxford Street huahahahaha

We initially scheduled our third day in London macam gini tau: A shopping trip and lunch at Smack Lobster at Covent Garden, join a free tour organized by Sandemans New Europe (as recommended by my friend Adibah) after lunch before ending the night with a rooftop movie organized by Rooftop Film Club. But as we all know very well by now, kita hanya merancang, tuhan yang menentukan jeng jeng jenggggg

The day before, when we walked down Oxford Street sebelum dinner (read here), I realized the timeslots we scheduled for shopping in London macam tak cukup and we would need more hours to really puaskan hati. Shopping is usually not our priority when travelling but this time it obviously was... after all, we are in London seh! So the night before, kita dah sebulat suara nak cancel our plans for the free tour and rooftop movie screening and go wild at Oxford Street instead heh heh :P

And to top it off - secara kebetulan my kimek friend Azrul got a last minute work flight into London so we made plans to meet that night for dinner! Kat Singapore nak jumpa macam nak arrange tea session dengan mana punya president tau, tup tup tup kat London pulak sebok nak berjumpa.

Like I said, not many pictures la eh, we were too busy shopping to take pictures lor.

Tried a sugar doughnut from Crosstown Doughnuts since we were in the area but I thought it was meh. Saliheen said it tasted more like our local butterfly bun but not as sedap lol. In case you're looking at the guy in the picture and wondering how come Saliheen nampak macam dah turun badan, he didn't, because that's not him holding the doughnut in the picture lolol. One of his brothers joined us on our Covent Garden shopping spree so we made him jadi mangsa for this gambar. Since his fingers not as distractedly pudgy as ours LOLOL

I should probably make this entry more interesting by sharing my shopping haul from this day but I've already incorporated all of my shopping into my daily pakaian and almari so sorry girl, I dah malas nak korek and compile hahahaha. I bought a chio leather jacket that you will see in the next few London entries from H&M though! Aku pun nak feeling la sikit, bila lagi nak pakai leather jacket without looking like babi kena panggang la kan.

I went to borong mostly from H&M and Topshop (more designs and sizes kat sana as compared to local stores) and by the time we were done, I couldn't feel my feet! Walked over to Joe & The Juice to catch a breather and wait for that mak nenek Azrul to turn up for our dinner. Juices were nice and refreshing! I think they have a Raffles Place outlet in Singapore.

Once Azrul arrived, we walked over to Stax Diner for our dinner - another halal makan place that I highly recommend! They serve American-style burgers and chicken with waffles but I was too... errr... chicken to try out chicken and waffles haha. So we all settled for burgers - their beef meat patty was so juicy and my favourite part was their maple glazed beef bacon!!! I don't know what I've been doing all my life - why am I not glazing all of the beef bacon that I eat with maple sauce ni?!?! Missed opportunity in life right there for the past 20 odd years.

I think I ate Bring Home The Bacon burger whereas Saliheen ate The Stax Insanity burger. We also ordered a basket of onion rings to share, which were great as well.

Such a decadent but memuaskan meal! One of the makan places I'd totally return to if I get the opportunity to pergi London lagi. This, as well as Noodle Oodle. And Meat & Co. And everything in Portobello Market heh

Totally forgot to take picture with the bugger Azrul on my camera, but luckily I somehow remembered to save a screenshot from one of my snaps. Here we are, being total dawgs:

Walked down Oxford Road for a bit before parting ways later that night. Guess I'll see him again when I'm in a different country that he happens to fly into for work la kan hahahaha

Ok dah, time to work on my next entry. More shopping ensues but this time we specifically went and shopped at Primark aje a.k.a tempat ada toyol sebab kita keluar je, ehhhhh??? Duit kurang???????

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