A Week In London: Day 5 - Buckingham Palace, Green Park & British Museum

Aaaaaaaand for the second time in a row, macam la takde timing lagi baik for all the kuman kuman to hit my immune system, I fell sick in the middle of my holiday in London wtf!!!

(Backstory: I fell sick halfway through my birthday trip in Moscow hahaha shut up)

I was already feeling a little feverish the day before but because I was SO determined to enjoy doing all of my favourite things, I managed to fight off the penyakit and I didn't fall completely sick until this day! Another mistake was eating disgustingly oily chicken wings in the morning the day before so it was inevitable I would also lose most of my voice - so let us welcome the return of my annual bapok voice hahahaha!

I lose (most of) my voice once a year, you see, and for 2016, it just so happened to hit me when I'm halfway through my London holiday. TENKZ ERRBADY TENKZ.

Which is why even though we planned to go out very early in the morning and arrive at the Buckingham Palace 2 hours before the changing of guards ceremony, we decided to take it slow and and left for the changing of guards ceremony an hour before it was due to start (It starts at 11.30am and lasts for 45 minutes, you can read more information here)

As Donald Trump would say it - YUUUGGGEEEEE mistake.

Buckingham Palace was packed like crazy balls and shorty me had to jingkit jingkit to try and see what was happening during the ceremony, Ingatkan boleh nampak bulu hidung sekali, rupanya nak nampak bulu songkok dorang pun susah, beb. I resorted to watching the ceremony on other people's mobile phones perched on selfie sticks kwa kwa kwaaa. Buat susah susah je naik train datang sini, kenapa tak tengok video kat Youtube je.....

Pictures above taken by Saliheen since he's taller and can see over heads, unlike me. 

Below pictures taken after the changing of guards ceremony madness died down and most of the other people already left. 

Below is a screenshot of loser me on Facetime with my sisters (and parents, not pictured), showing them the Buckingham Palace premises. My sisters told me they were embarrassed for me because I was holding my phone up high and twirling around to show them the palace hahahaha macam tak biasa je aku malukan korang HAHAHAHA

You know, I can never understand why people say they are embarrassed to do that i.e. to speak into a camera/camera-phone in public. Apa yang nak dimalukan??? You're a tourist and people think you're an idiot anyway, so you might as well do whatever makes you a happy tourist, as long as it doesn't endanger or harm anyone/anything else. 

I mean... who the hell cares seh. Whoever saw me speaking animatedly into a camera-phone that day isn't going to remember me a few weeks or years from now and be, like, oh isn't that the girl who looked like an idiot while on Facetime with her sisters at Buckingham Palace??? Ain't nobody got that time for you like that, hunty.

Anyway. Lepas tu kita lepak for awhile at Green Park before walking back to the train station after our time at Buckingham Palace. Took some pictures of course:

Seen here clutching my pinggang like my life depended on it because my husband insisted it will make anyone look slimmer in pictures hahahahahaha macam paham je dektu, dah gemuk buat hal gemuk la! But I like to humour him so I did it anyway, and ended up looking like I got sakit perut or what sia. Kurusnya tidak hahaha.

Super nice shot of our Adidas Ultra Boost sneakers!!!!! Sooooooo comfy, it's ridiculous plz. I've learned my lesson after I mintak nyawa when my lousy shoes caused painful blisters to form on my feet on my third day in NYC so I knew I had to invest in a good, sturdy and comfortable pair of sneakers for travelling... Adidas Ultra Boost wins it all for me!

Lepas our outdoor photoshoot tak bertauliah, we took a train down to British Museum! I was really looking forward to this because I wanted to see its famous dome and inner courtyard for myself. As always, my pictures don't do justice so go Google for how the real thing looks like ok; it is pretty cool and grand in real life.

Jangan lupa posing cekak perut supaya tak nampak gemuk ye HAHAHAHAHA

No admission fees to masuk British Museum (i.e. free admission) but kena pay £16.50 (S$28.50) for entry to their special exhibition "Sunken Cities: Egypt's Lost Worlds" - we were interested so we paid for tickets. No pictures though, since no photography permitted. Meh. 

Gambar tickets je sebagai bukti. Hahahaha.

It was an interesting exhibition though, very surreal and otherworldly in a way. Spent about 45 minutes in the special exhibition then we explored the rest of the regular displays . 

I have more pictures in the camera but I want to publish this entry now so I guess I'll come back and add more pictures once I have time to do the transferring and uploading to blog la haha. The exhibitions were okay, Saliheen and I were kind of miffed at some parts because some of the artifacts were  - if you really think about it - technically robbed lifted from other communities and cultures but... it is what it is, I guess. Colonization already happened, sejarah dah berlaku, nak cakap apa lagi kan. 

Left the British Museum after a couple of hours and we went back to the apartment to rest. Aku dah tak larat by that point of time so I slept in the apartment while Saliheen went out for dinner with his family. They brought back some soup and fruits for me though - they were so kind and sweet about it so I knew I had to man it up, telan some meds and be happy and healthy for what was left of our holiday - which I was! Hehe yay ok you wait ah for the next entry.

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