A Week In London: Day 6 - London Eye & River Thames Cruise

Woke up feeling sooooooo much better (after being sick the day before) so we got ready and went out early for all of the touristy things we wanted to do in London - go on a River Thames cruise, ride the London Eye and take pictures in front of Big Ben heh heh heh :D

Saliheen asked whether I wanted to take a picture inside / in front of London's iconic red telephone booth and I told him I didn't want to because it was so freaking kotor and berkeladak and busuk gila!!! All of them smelled of rotten food and urine wtf. All of the pictures that people take of themselves SMILING inside / in front of the red telephone booths????? ALL THOSE SMILES ARE LIES. LIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hahahaha! So anyway. We started our day with a River Thames cruise - unlike our river cruise experience in St Petersburg, we could appreciate it more since we understood what the tour guide was talking about lololol

I think I have pictures from the cruise but because I am a lousy blogger, I don't have them on my phone and cannot upload them onto my blog now kwa kwa kwa. Will do that once I have time la (penipu...) Although I'm not sure why I want to do that because our river cruise pictures mostly kena photobomb by PRC tourists who stood up, blocked everyone's views and took selfies of themselves throughout the cruise anyway ha ha ha ha haaa

The attractions we walked past while on our way to the cruise pier. 

The river cruise we took is the kind that you can just get on or get off at any of its designated spots so we dropped off at Tower of London area with the intention of going on one of its guided tours. Saliheen has been on one before and told me it's good and educational and worth the entry! But because laki aku selalu confident tahap maharaja, he led us to the wrong way while trying to cari the entrance so kita tak jumpa jumpa the entrance hahahaha siak ah now I'm starting to think maybe we just have kentang luck when it comes to figuring out entrances if we don't do any research on it first lolol

By the time we figured out where the entrance was (it was right in front of the pier where we dropped off zzz), I was feeling a little woozy - I mean, I was mostly recovered from my fever and flu la but there was still belen belen that could activate balek kalau aku push myself too hard, y'know? So we abandoned the idea altogether, had lunch, people-watched, gobbled down some ice cream and boarded the river cruise back to the London Eye area. 

Then we went on one of the capsules of London Eye! This was fun because I always wanted to know how it looked and felt like. We bought a combo ticket from the cruise operator (we got the River Thames cruise + London Eye ride combo, about £40 (S$70) per person) so all we had to do was flash the ticket to the London Eye staff when we arrived.

I was expecting a long wait that can cecah an hour but it was surprisingly fast - we jumped onto a capsule after less than 10 minutes of waiting??? Maybe because we were there at about 3 plus on a weekday afternoon so bukan peak period.

It was really nice being about to see all of London from an aerial view! Of course it's something you'll probably do only once in your lifetime so I guess I've used up mine - ride the London Eye once in my lifetime... check!

Messy hair don't care, baby, because I have a bokeh shot of the Big Ben behind me and that's all that matters in this blogging life woo hoo HAHAHAHAHA

Right now I'm happy to report that I do want to return to London one day insya Allah! Mostly because I really want to explore and understand the historic parts of London by going for that guided tour of Tower of London and joining one of the guided tours by Sandemans (specifically this one). We didn't really get to do all that because I fell sick + we spent more time on shopping and makan on this trip. 

After that little touristy session, we went back to the apartment to wash up before dinner at Noodle Oodle (again hehe) with my in-laws. His brothers also recommended souvenir shopping in that area (Queensway, I think) so kita terus borong souveniers kat situ after dinner. And before we know it, besoknya dah our last full day in London! Almost time to rest in habuk atas almari baju wahai leather jacketku....... hahahaha

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