A Week In London: Day 7 - Borough Market, Tate Modern, Oxford Street

Not many pictures on this day because we wanted to take it easy and enjoy each other's company, especially since this will be the last day Saliheen and his brothers can spend time together in a long time! We only went to 2 places in the earlier part of the day, anyway; the Borough Market and Tate Modern.

Arrived at Borough Market very early in the morning and started the day right by having oysters for breakfast #yolo hahahaha. Honestly I would have balked at the idea of consuming oysters for breakfast when I was younger but after eating raw fish and oysters for breakfast on one lovely morning in Tokyo, I'm like????? Siapa ni yang decide what can or cannot be eaten as breakfast in the first place??? Apa ni qualifications dia???

(I'm probably very influenced by this "What Does The World Eat For Breakfast?" video - I watched it two years ago and it got me thinking about the concept of what constitutes as breakfast, the cultural effects and/or scientific reasoning if any, and the history/idea behind what is considered acceptable to be eaten in the mornings.

I mean, think about it - someone somewhere in another part of the world is probably balking so hard at the idea of eating rice cooked with coconut milk with fried chicken, fried anchovies with peanuts, an egg, a few slices of cucumber and spicy-sweet chilli paste. Know what I just described??? YOUR BELOVED NASI LEMAK BREAKFAST. 

That's right - nasi freaking lemak. The one that sounds like a perfectly normal breakfast option to you if you're Singaporean or Malaysian, but probably sounds weird and foreign, maybe even gross, to some people in other parts of the world. Ok I hope I've made my point with this long ass explanation hahahahaha)

Ok back to my dear oysters, which is - let's be honest - the only thing that I was REALLY looking forward to in Borough Market hahaha. I think everyone in my life knows my OBSESSION with oysters so macam no brainer la kan aku akan melantak oysters kat situ.

One of my sister's friends, who is my fellow oyster hantu enthusiast (lolol) and has tried the oysters at Borough Market but not the ones in Tsukiji Market in Tokyo, even asked me to make a comparison review after I've tried the ones in Borough Market. I went with an open mind and heart but I gotta say that the oysters from Tsukiji Market wins it all for me. Are we even surprised that I feel this way, honey????? Hehehehehe. Now go and make plans to go to Tokyo Nadh, and drag my loser sister with you pls!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I mean, the oysters at Borough Market were great of course but I still stand by my very strong opinion that oysters from anywhere else can never beat the oysters at Tsukiji Market!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My loves wait for my return pls!!!!!!!!!!! #tersampuk

Ok, before you think Borough Market only sells oysters hahaha, they have the usual market style fare too; pies and tarts and cookies and different types of fresh breads and fruits, as well as kitschy knick knacks like, you know, the usual stenciled tote bags and handmade jewelry and quirky badges kind of stuff. Fed ourselves some bread and brownies before walking over to our next destination of choice - Tate Modern! Took a picture at the Millennium Bridge with a view of the St Paul's Cathedral before we entered Tate Modern:

No awkward double chin close-up couple picture here because his brother was there to ambikkan gambar. Just awkward standing with our perut terjuntai ones hahahahaha

Just wanted to say that Saliheen and I are more receptive to art museums now even though we're still not art enthusiasts, mainly because of our experience at Museum of Modern Art (MOMA) in NYC. Refresher: We allocated less than a hour in MOMA because we didn't think we'd enjoy it much since we don't understand or appreciate art but it turned out to be one of the most memorable things in NYC for us (Read here). So now we've agreed that we will not write off any other art museum without exploring it first!

Tate Modern was great, and I really liked some of the exhibits, but ultimately I don't think it can beat the MOMA experience for me (personal opinion, of course). The style, concept and topic of ongoing exhibitions in the museum also plays a part in whether you will enjoy your time, I think? So really dependent on what's available when you visit each museum.

Went for lunch at a nearby Pret A Manger before it started raining down on us! So we grabbed an Uber back to our apartment to rest and wash up, before heading out to Oxford Street for one last hurrah. And by hurrah, I mean shopping hahahahaha

One of the the things I knew I had to get from Selfridges was the macarons from Pierre Herme!!!!! Remember my kimek friend Azrul??? He has been raving non-stop about them for the past years, way before I even made plans to go London, so now that I had the opportunity I was obviously gonna take it! Especially since it involved food hahahaha

Verdict??? D is for DELICIOUS, HUNTY

Every bite was orgasmic wtf!!! The crispiness of the shell, the flavours of the filling, ahhhhh so perfect and I love them all. I most definitely prefer them over Laduree macarons now.

But you know what else is also delicious and orgasmic?

This baby:


Honestly, I didn't even think of getting this in London! It was our last night in London and we were walking around Selfridges with my in-laws when we saw the Givenchy store. Hovered at the store entrance, fawned over the Antigonas on display before Saliheen suggested I pick one up and sling it over my shoulders to see whether I'll still love it. 

I did. Then Saliheen asked whether I wanted to get one now, I asked him incredulously "Are you serious" and the rest is...... predictable because I now have this baby sitting in a special compartment in my almari hehehehe. What made it even more awesome:- the weaker British pound and tourist tax deduction = bag costs lesser in London than in Singapore!

I still can't believe I have this baby for myself now la!!!!!!!!! I've blogged about how I fell in love with the Givenchy Antigona after I saw someone's retweet (I don't know if you know this Masrurah, but you were the culprit who made me terbabit!) and ahhhhhhhhhh, for me to have it and to hold it is pretty surreal. I've used this bag thrice since I got it, and every time I use it, I keep falling in love even more! Boleh ke gitu bercinta dengan bag #freedomtolove

The first time I wore the bag was when we took our flight back to Singapore the next morning, and it was fairly comfortable and easy to use. You know what was not comfortable and easy? Getting rid of our jetlag when we arrived back in Singapore hahahahaha 


  1. I've always wanted Givenchy Antigona too!!LOVE YOUR POST AS ALWAYS!

  2. My obsession started after your retweet! AND THANK YOU AS ALWAYS! <3


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