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One quick blog entry!

Despite being so bloody busy (especially with the recent office relocation which is disruptive af), I recently found some time to (speed)read my old blog entries and reminisce over pictures of good old times. Which reminds me of the fact that I don't blog as much as I used to and it pains me to the core!!!!! (I know, I say this ALL THE TIME) 

What if I don't have pictures to show myself 10 years later that I was not as fat as I thought I was?!?! (What do mean by instagram...) What will I read to remember what I did on this day, or on that day?!?! Good memory isn't forever, you know.

So to get myself started, I'm now going to be overly ambitious and state down all of the events / experiences I've enjoyed for the past few months and hope this will inspire me to find the freaking time to blog about them all (Or probably never, who knows anymore)

01. Nadiah B's Bachelorette Party
02. Raya with Family & Friends (Hari Raya was SIX months ago, Farna.....)
03. Sister's Birthday Celebration (Family Outing)
04. Faezah's Bachelorette Party
05. Nadiah O's Bachelorette Party
06. Bloggirls' Lunch at Carousel
07. Third Wedding Anniversary
08. Faezah's Wedding
09. Queue Experience for Adidas Ultraboost, NMD and Yeezy
10. TKGS Homecoming 2016
11. Lunch with Girlfriends (And their babies!)
12. Cousin's Wedding at Mersing
13. Weekend at Kuala Lumpur with Friends
14. Current Obsession with Rupaul's Drag Race
15. Planning for San Francisco and Los Angeles!

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