US 2017, Los Angeles (Day 3, Part 1) - Hollywood Celebrity Hotel

After two fun days (and two half days haha) in San Francisco (part 1part 2part 3, part 4part 5part 6, part 7), it's time to wrap up our adventures - woke up early for hotel breakfast, took some pictures around Union Square before we checked out of Hotel Stratford and left San Francisco for Looooooos Angeles, baby!

Boarded our Virgin America flight and touched down in LA at about 1.30pm (without any incidents since we were on a domestic flight) and we headed straight to the designated pick-up point for Uber. Just like San Francisco International Airport, you can't just book and wait for an Uber anywhere outside the airport... must find designated pick-up point, one! Luckily, they're all pretty easy to locate:

You can read more here.

When you request for an Uber ride from LAX on your app, there will be a drop-down menu that requires you to choose points A, B, C, D, E or F anyway so it shouldn't be too difficult to comprehend! We were nearest to pick-up point D so that was what we chose... here's a picture of the pick-up point signage for reference if you ever find yourself booking an Uber at LAX:

There were many TV broadcasting company vans parked here while we were there! Protests against the travel ban were raging fiercely during our travel to the US so we could hear the loud chanting while waiting for our Uber ride (although we didn't see any of them, we probably would have stayed awhile if we did)

The drive to our hotel accommodation took almost an hour but we had a nice chat with the driver and it was so lovely to see the freeway (we call them expressways here) traffic thundering down rows and rows of palm trees against the blue sky. We've talked so much about LA, can't believe our adventure was about to start!

Also niat hati nak try out AirBNB (I saw a listing for this AirBNB in LA and I started gaaagging hunty!) but the prices for AirBNB in the Hollywood area are about the same (if not, more expensive) than the hotel accommodation we saw and liked on Agoda so we decided to abandon that niat yet again wahaha the stars just ain't aligning for us and AirBNB, you guys, not even in the land of STARS! (Ok, I'll walk myself out now )

Aaaaanyway, the hotel accommodation that caught our eyes on Agoda was  Hollywood Celebrity Hotel! And again, we didn't take time to take pictures of our room so here are some pictures lifted off the internet:

The Executive King Room at the Hollywood Celebrity Hotel
The Executive King Room at the Hollywood Celebrity Hotel
The Executive King Room at the Hollywood Celebrity Hotel
The Executive King Room at the Hollywood Celebrity Hotel
The Executive King Room at the Hollywood Celebrity Hotel

We opted for the Executive King room i.e. their most basic room (since the other rooms had kitchenettes and we didn't need one) and yet it is still super spacious!!!!! I think because we stayed in very small rooms (the ones with same price point) during previous travels, so in comparison, this room memang hurray hurray la seh. I can golek golek hindustan and still have space left over! (Amboi susan mariam, you kat Hollywood eh, bukan Bollywood)

One of the things we love about Hollywood Celebrity Hotel is its location, of course! If you read me enough, you'd know central and easily accessible location is the number one priority for Saliheen and I whenever we travel. And one of the places that is within 1 minute walking distance from our accommodation is the Hollywood Walk of FameHollywood & Highland and the TCL Chinese Theatre!

We've read online that some people don't like / don't recommend staying near Hollywood Walk of Fame because it's very crowded (since it is tourist attraction after all) but we didn't think there was anything wrong with it? Maybe because our hotel itself (which is located BEHIND the walk of fame so tourists tak lalu sana pun) was quiet and feels pretty safe. And kita get to jalan jalan kat the areas around Hollywood Walk of Fame every night!

No complaints with regards to our stay at Hollywood Celebrity Hotel - perfect location, amazing staff, spacious room, alhamdullilah. Basic hotel breakfast includes bread, buns, fruits and bake-it-youself fresh waffles! The room also comes with air-conditioning and heater, and as luck would have it, we got a unit on the ground floor near the reception hehe (it's a two-storey property with no lifts, we wouldn't have minded if we were assigned a room on the 2nd floor tbh but thought I'd mention it in case anyone wants to consider LA accommodation and having a lift access at every floor is something that is important to him/her)

After we checked in and settled into our room, we took a quick rest before heading out to enjoy the rest of our afternoon and grab dinner at the nearby Hollywood & Highland! Nom nom nom poki bowl come to meeeee

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