US 2017, Los Angeles (Day 3, Part 2) - Hollywood & Highland

After checking in to our hotel in LA, Saliheen and I walked over to Hollywood & Highland (which is a mall along the Hollywood Walk of Stars) to jalan jalan and have dinner at Pokinometry!

Pokinometry calls itself a Japanese restaurant (oh the blasphemy) but it's really just a nice casual makan place which serves Hawaiian inspired poki bowls - you can customize your own bowls by choosing from a variety of sliced/diced fish or seafood such as salmon, tuna, albacore, octopus, shrimp, etc mixed very generously with toppings such as crab meat, avocado, cucumbers, onions, etc (your choice too). All that is put together atop your base of choice; either white rice, brown rice, salad, wrap or chips, and if you want it spicy, you can add in their dynamite sauce (which we did, and while it doesn't reach dynamite level for melayu makan cili padi like us haha, it was still pretty spicy so kita tak muak after a few spoonfuls)

Yummeh yummeh yummeh. And very filling too! 

Jalan jalan around the mall after that, also checked out Forever 21 but as per online reviews, there weren't much selection for bigger girls. Disappointing, and not as power  as Forever 21 in NYC, which has a great plus-size section. So of course my next stop was to a place that I know will not disappoint me - SEPHORA, BABY!

And they truly did not  disappoint me because their employees were so, so, so nice and helpful! It was really lovely to roam around the store, without anyone bothering me while I pick up items but still having professionals nearby who will attend to me cheerfully and willingly whenever I ask for assistance. Felt therapeutic shopping there too because there weren't hoards of customers = relaxing and peaceful!

So different from my Sephora experience in NYC! Which was suuuper chaotic and susah to get help - their employees looked approachable but they were always attending to a few customers at any one time. So I don't blame them la, Times Square is really very busy! But because of that, it got really overwhelming and not as enjoyable.

Anyway, this was my 1st Sephora trip (out of 3 hehe) in LA and I was just so happy dapat borong barang Kat Von D and Anastasia Beverly Hills! Cuma tu la, susah sangat nak dapat ABH's Kathryn and Allison in-store apa ni!!!!!!! I got Trust Issues and Veronica in the end - still not sure how I feel about the former, but oooh Veronica, I love! ♥

(But it's ok la I managed to score Kathryn on Carousell - for a jacked up price unfortunately but whatevz I'll live - and I'll wait to get Allison for now, in case I can spot a better deal in the next few months.)

Also I know Kat Von D is in Singapore already but I just had to stock up my faves - half my make-up bag is barang Kat Von D and their liquid lipstick is seriously bomb! Picked up a new shade (Hawkwind) from their new nude collection which is not available yet in Singapore and that colour is everything to me now!!!

Sooooo obsessed sampai I've been wearing it on an almost everyday basis since I came back from LA ok. But nobody cares what I wear on my lips la actually so hahahahaha I'll run along now and come back with more stories to share about the rest of my holiday in LA. First item on the list:- to pick up our rental car early next morning!

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