US 2017, Los Angeles (Day 4, Part 2) - SQIRL & Projection LA

So if you're wondering what was the destination that caused Saliheen to drive masuk freeway against his will (hahahaha), that destination was SQIRL! It's this really hip spot for breakfast and serves very interesting dishes, which are a hit amongst Angelenos and visitors alike - we ordered their signature sorrel pesto rice with poached eggs and brioche toast with blackberry jam and almond hazelnut butter... sounds damn good, right?!

And they were really sooooo damn goooooooooooooooddd!

Can't get my mind off our first breakfast in LA because this was truly the best and worth the hype! The flavour of the sorrel pesto rice was really unique because we couldn't think of anything to compare it with??? The dish ada all 4 flavours ok:- sour, sweet, salty and bitter! I'd attempt the recipe at home, except it looks fancy (= leceh af) so aku malas hahaha. Maybe I'll pester Saliheen to try his hand at the recipe one day since he is a better cook and has more patience and cooking acumen (lol) than me.

After chatting over a nice and slow breakfast (I live for moments like these! ♥), we drove over to Projection by Vincent Lamouroux (also referred to as Projection LA, more here) since it's only 3 minutes drive away from SQIRL. Found out about this place when I Googled for the best instagrammable spots in Los Angeles lolol

(See the silver Ford Mustang parked in front??? Tu la dia our rental car!)

Usually you'll see the stark contrast of the whiteness of the project against a bright blue sky in pictures online but since we were in LA during winter, the skies went from blue with sun to gloomy grey to blue with clouds to light grey with no light during different parts of the day. It just so happened we were there in the early morning so the skies were slightly gloomy and grey; but I thought it still made the project look hauntingly lawa as well, yes???

Now for pictures of me in front of Projection LA, yang ni pun haunting tapi haunting kasi orang nightmares HAHAHAHA

Included a solo picture of Saliheen here even though I know he will protest against it because... I think his picture is nice even if he doesn't?!?! I know he doesn't like the pictures that I take of him because he has many grievances about angle salah la lighting tak kena la what la bla bla bla but I don't care about technical details like that (especially if it isn't obvious to the layperson if not pointed out) so there you go! Kalau tak happy then too bad. You masih kena buatkan I sorrel pesto rice. Thanks sayang. Love you. Jangan marah marah nanti cepat tua.

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