US 2017, Los Angeles (Day 4, Part 3) - Griffith Observatory

After picking up our rental car, breakfast and our photoshoot tak balek modal at Projection LA, Saliheen and I headed out to Griffith Observatory! Which is perched on some gunung so we had to drive up long, windy roads just to get there - kudos to Saliheen for bringing us there safely, even though he was still in the early stages of familiarizing himself with left hand driving and still recovering from the shock of termasuk freeway hahahaha

(Above: Griffith Observatory entrance and view of Hollywood sign from it)

Tbh kita pun perangai #yolo ah actually, gi plan for our Griffith Observatory trip to be on the very first day Saliheen starts driving in LA hahahahaha we did try to change our itinerary ok but there was really no other way except to go to Griffith Observatory first. Upside - we got a good parking spot near the entrance!

We didn't do any research and didn't know much about Griffith Observatory (except the fact that it has appeared in many movies since 1935) so we weren't sure what to expect. Walked around to read educational boards about the universe and space travel, peered through telescopes and experienced interactive exhibits about the moons and the suns and stars. Also jalan jalan outside the observatory to catch breathtaking views of LA!

We also saw a sign promoting a programme called Centered in the Universe which was due to start 15 minutes after we finished touring the observatory so we decided to check it out before we left, even though we had absolutely NO idea what it was about haha. Each ticket costs US$7.00 (S$10.00) so ok la tak wasted pun kalau merepek. Turned out to be damn worth it and one of the BEST decisions we made in LA!!!!! I LOVED IT!

It felt like we were on another universe altogether ok!!!!!!!!!!!! Got a little trippy at times but oh my, what a feast for our eyes! All of the lights and sounds and the crazy vivid imagery, all happening on a magnificent dome; everything just made you feel very... out of worldly...? I don't even know how to describe the fantastic sensations I was feeling during the programme seh. Highly recommended!

The interior of the Samuel Oschin Planetarium (where the programme was held) looked something like this:

Samuel Oschin Planetarium | Photo by Justin Donais, © Friends Of The Observatory
Can't seem to find videos online about the programme and what it entails/looks like but I'll just include a link here to a Youtube video which roughly shows how the interior looks like. Tapi roughly je ok, the setting and programme is much more impressive in real life. Details of the programme can be read on a Wikipedia page here too but this is truly something you need to experience yourself. Jangan cakap akak tak jemput!

Left Griffith Observatory still buzzing with awe and happiness! A happy buzz which carried forward to the next item on our itinerary - dropping by Lake Hollywood Park to see the Hollywood sign with our own pair of eyes ♥

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