US 2017, Los Angeles (Day 4, Part 4) - Hollywood Sign, ROSS Dress for Less and Target

After the first part (here, here and here) of our first full day in LA, we made our way to the Lake Hollywood Park to take pictures with the Hollywood sign! Kebetulan a few weeks before we flew over to LA, there was a video on directions to great spots to view the Hollywood sign (here) so that was very useful for us.

I knew I didn't want to trek all the way up to the Hollywood sign (unhealthy body, remember???), and we didn't want to deal with all of the confusing directions and blocked access stuff so we decided the best location for us was Lake Hollywood Park. We could still drive up with a car, involves minimal walking and the Hollywood sign would be near enough, without looking like a white speck from afar.

Don't know why it doesn't look that near in pictures but the sign felt pretty near to us in real life, I swear!

Eh hi it's my double chin excitedly making another appearance in front of the Hollywood sign HAHAHA.

And here's my husband with his irritating cover the face pose

And one of us together:


And of course it was so surreal to see and breathe (near) the Hollywood sign because, I mean????? This is something that I've only ever seen in movie theaters and on TV screens all of my (Western influenced media lolol) life????? It is the representation, the symbol and the face of Hollywood, scruffs and all! I know some people will say ala papan tadan je pe, you know it's just a sign made of steel right but what do they know, they are haters HAHAHAHAHAHA

Drove to In-N-Out for late lunch (not halah certified but got vegetarian options and no alcohol or pork onsite so own discretion pls) but the drive-thru line was super long and Saliheen didn't want to wait so we decided to walk in. Kat dalam pun macam ribut! The lines moved very quickly though, the speed of their service quite impressive.

We had some free time after our late lunch so I jio Saliheen go Ross and Target for some cheap ass shopping! You have no idea how many undergarments I dapat borong ok!!! Korang kena faham eh, undergarments yang murah yang boleh muat orang yang happy-sized macam aku ni quite susah to get in Singapore ok!

Sure, there are sizes for me (and girls bigger than me) in Singapore la but I have to pay premium price (i.e. mahal tahap kontol) for good quality ones seh. Kat Europe and US undergarments yang have good support but still murah and available in my size bersepah sepah seh. Understandably, I went nuts! Sampai Saliheen got very fed up and asked me pointedly whether I wanted to fill my entire luggage with coli solalam ke apa hahahahaha marah nampak :P

How it looks like dalam Ross:

It's a low budget place so loads of stuff were going for cheap! (It is not called ROSS Dress for Less for nothing, you guys) And it's really the kind of shopping where you need to banyak sabar and pelan pelan check through one by one to score stuff that you'll like and wear. They also have brands like Calvin Klein and Marc Jacobs and Tommy Hilfiger etc tapi barang banyak yang dah past seasons ah (designs dah tak laku hahaha) so you need to decide if you're willing to pay the price lor walaupun cheaper.

Also had to calm my tuts when we headed over to Target! Tempat puaka!!!!!!! Sama pattern macam Sephora, kau masuk nak beli SATU benda tapi bila keluar eh eh asal ada SATU RATUS benda????? Hahahahaha!

True story of my life................ 

(Meme also applies to other puaka places like Watsons AND GODDAMN IKEA)

Bought a couple of tops, beauty stuff and undergarments (of course) and I kind of regret not making a return trip!!! Like I've mentioned before, it's a goddamn challenge to buy plus sized clothes in physical stores back home in Singapore so when I get to try items in person and shop for baju that fits me well overseas, boleh jadi gila pls.

Wrapped up our Target trip when I saw Saliheen's sulky pout makin lama makin panjang hahahaha make no mistake pls, he wasn't sulking sebab dia dah penat shopping and waiting for me to finish ok. He was sulking because it was almost 7pm and he knew the kedai topi he badly wanted to go to was gonna close for the day!!! Padahal he knew he can balas dendam the next day since we were gonna go for his shopping tau. 

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