US 2017, San Francisco (Day 1, Part 3) - Pier 39, First Swensens & Lombard Street

After leaving our hotel for breakfast and visiting Alcatraz Island for a tour, Saliheen and I walked from Pier 33 (where Alcatraz Cruises is stationed) to Pier 39 for lunch and to see the famous sea lions! We were starving when we arrived at Pier 39 so we had lunch first.

Settled down for a whole crab roasted with garlic sauce and a medium bowl of seafood cioppino at Crab House - I liked the seafood cioppino (good recommendation by our server) whereas the crab was ok but nothing special tbh. Maybe cos it wasn't as fresh and as delicious as I expected it to be? I thought seafood is supposed to be fantastic when you have it in a restaurant perched on a pier in San Francisco!

Either we walked into a tourist trap makan place or I had too high expectations because they seem to have great reviews online... or maybe those reviewers have never had the truly fresh and deliciously cooked seafood we have here in Asia 

Jalan jalan around the pier for awhile then we headed towards the dock where sea lions are known to congregate and lepak lepak - one of the things that caught me off guard was how loud they were! Belum turn the corner dah dengar their incessant barking and yelping seh. Kalau tinggal kat HDB flat confirm jiran dah complain kat town council.

They are all SO CUTE! And they like to meleseh with each other hehe. Not the full squad when we visited though since it's winter; yang ada tu semua confirm sama geng dengan laki aku la. Suka sejuk. Kalau boleh nak live life as an ice cube that kind.

Grabbed an Uber after that to head down to the first ever Swensens location in the world for an ice cream treat! Very small and quaint and only sells ice cream.

That's me, making payment for our ice cream cones. I know, I know, my hair looks extra serabai here but you try la maintain your hair after it's been harshly whipped in the wind during ferry rides to and fro Alcatraz Island YOU TRY LA #marah  

Pictures above taken on route to Lombard Street after our ice cream stop!

Lombard Street is a popular tourist attraction in San Francisco and it is often touted as "the most crooked street in San Francisco" (even though it technically isn't haha). Personally, I feel like it would be a more rewarding experience if you're in a vehicle travelling down Lombard Street as opposed to just standing at the end of it to take pictures la. But kita dah susah payah jalan ke sana sampai muscle kaki aku nak terputus so ok la, boleh la.

Although I have to say.........................................



HAHAHAHAHA. Ok la to be fair we were there in winter so obviously there wouldn't be pretty colourful flowers blooming and we were there during non-peak hours so not many cars travelling down Lombard Street. Hur hur. But takpe la I throw in another picture of Lombard Street ripped off from the internet, this time from aerial view so you can see how cantik it can be:

Really glad we didn't decide to drive around in San Francisco because their streets look craaaaazy! So daunting just to see how steep and sharp their streets can be! 

And I fell victim to San Francisco's steep walkways haha! Can you believe it (actually you can la hahaha) halfway through tengah walking, tiba tiba my left calf muscles tensed up like crazy and I couldn't take a step without writhing out in pain  Saliheen became very frustrated and started telling me off about "this is why you should lead a more active lifestyle" and "this is why you should learn how to walk properly" (I jalan kengkang) 

But it wasn't funny when it happened ok, I thought something snapped in my muscle ke apa seh, it was a very sharp pain that I've never felt before wtf!!!!!!!!!!!!! I didn't even feel that kind sakit when I broke down in the middle of a forest in Bali because I didn't expect to be trekking in my cheap ass slippers and grossly unfit state of health 

Had to sit down and massage my calf muscles for almost 10 minutes before I could continue walking ok (albeit with a slight limp and Saliheen still slightly fuming about my state of health lolol also 10 minutes before it happened I was confidently telling Saliheen eh I don't feel tired and I'm not experiencing any aches at all leh HAHAHA #padanmuka)

Nasib baik we didn't have any more ~intensive~ walking to do after Lombard Street! Jumped into an Uber back to our hotel, washed up and we went out for dinner and jalan jalan around Union Square. 

Oh! And remember when Saliheen lost his goddamn mind (and half his shopping budget) at Zumiez in NYC??? This time round the Zumiez outlet in San Francisco is OPPOSITE our hotel la gaize. Kalau tak kerana besoknya nak gi Golden Gate Bridge, memang dia dah nak duduk dalam tu kedai for the rest of the trip la gaize.

Ok dahhh malas nak layannnnnnnnn byeeeeeeeee nak blog pasal next day pulakkkkk

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