US 2017, San Francisco (Day 2, Part 1) - Mr Holmes Bakehouse

After a fun and fruitful 1st day (part 1, part 2, part 3), we woke up bright and early for our 2nd day in the city by the bay! Because nak makan breakfast cantik punya pasal hehehe. 

Chanced upon pictures of delicious looking bakes from Mr Holmes Bakehouse online so I made it my personal mission to grab breakfast from their cute little bakery! Konon nak photoshoot onsite but there were so many people swarmed in front of their neon lighted sign zzZzzz so I'll lift a sample picture off the internet la ok.

Mr Holmes Bakehouse from Daniel Peters on Vimeo.

And a video I found online, in case pictures aren't enough to whet your appetite hehehe

Ok gambar bawah taken by my husband at an open space overlooking Golden Gate Bridge:

Sat on a bench and enjoyed our breakfast with a magnificent view of the Golden Gate Bridge! It was very nice and quiet because we were there early and there weren't anyone else around yet. Very, very grateful for that intimate moment and I will treasure it forevuh!

Anyway, I initially ingatkan nak beli just one pastry each je but while we were in the queue Saliheen said "Just buy six la" when he overheard that we'll only get the box packaging if we buy minimum 6 pieces hehehehe. Get a husband who also understands the importance of pretty pictures guys, amongst other admirable qualities you'd want in a life partner :P

I wasn't planning on getting their signature cruffin (basically croissant shaped into a muffin lolol) because I didn't think we'd be able to get any... but as it turns out we joined the queue just in time for their freshly baked cruffins! (Yes, there is a queue every morning at Mr Holmes Bakehouse - it wasn't too bad for us, only took about 15, 20 minutes)

So are their bakes worth the hype?????

Yeah... kinda! So far I've been disappointed in the cupcakes and donuts etc bought from hyped up bakeries in angmoh countries (except the sedap nak mampos banana pudding from Magnolia Bakery and the addictive af crack pie from Momofuku Milk Bar) but I think the pastries we got from Mr Holmes Bakehouse were pretty good.

Cruffin was yummy, although I wished I got a different flavour - the raspberry filling was sickeningly sweet (Only one flavour everyday so you can't choose - whatever flavour is available on the day you're there is the flavour you're gonna get). We also got a cookie dough bear claw and a danish pastry, which were nice. Oh, another popular choice is their california croissant with pickled ginger, nori, wasabi and smoked salmon - which we also tried, but thought tasted weird af lolol.

My absolute favourite has to be their cornflakes cookie ahhhhhmaaaagahhhhh that one is sedap gila!!! Regret seh tak beli lebih. I would've done a return trip solely for the cornflakes cookie if the bakery was within walking distance from our hotel. Also, it kind of makes me wish whoever broke into their bakery and stole their recipes 2 years ago would just hurry up and publish their cornflakes cookies recipe online lolol ok ok encouraging crime is not funny ok ok I should stop being a dick and making a joke out of it OK OK

Another thing that I really appreciate about this bakery - apparently their box packaging is inspired by the packaging from the fictional Mendl's Bakery featured in Grant Budapest Hotel... which I love! Anything Wes Anderson-inspired is a winner in my books


Eh alamak did I seriously just spend almost a whole entry taking about a bakery -___-

Ok la now I need to potong this entry up and blog about our Golden Gate Bridge visit on another entry. Haiz, bila nak start blogging, punya la susah! Punya la liat! Bila dah start, don't know when to stop tau ini anak. Bye.

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