US 2017, San Francisco (Day 2, Part 2) - Golden Gate Bridge

Since we're done with day 1 (part 1part 2part 3) and the earlier part of day 2 (here), I'll blog about the next part where we headed out to the pride, the joy and the icon of San Francisco - the Golden Gate Bridge, of course!

One of the important things we wanted to figure out before San Francisco was the best location/spot to view the Golden Gate Bridge! There are several spots recommended from what we read online (here, here and here) but we narrowed our list down to these 3: Fort Point, Battery East Carpark and Crissy Fields.

We initially had grand plans to rent bicycles and cycle to the Golden Gate Bridge but after experiencing the unforgiving streets and slopes of San Francisco and getting my calf muscle pulled just from WALKING, I chickened out hahahahaha. We hopped into an Uber from Mr Holmes Bakehouse and dropped off at Battery East Carpark, which was where we had our breakfast (there is a large lepak space with benches) and took these pictures:

Hey hey hey check it out it's me and my double chin excitedly greeting y'all from the Golden Gate Bridge HAHAHAHA

Can't stand how excited I look in this picture lolol but it is wondrous what some fresh air, a hearty breakfast and a magnificent view of the Golden Gate Bridge can do to one's mind and spirit ok! It was quite foggy when we first arrived but this is San Francisco after all, so fog is expected, if not welcome~~~ Makes the bridge even more beautiful and mystic imho! (although it does hold the unfortunate title of the most popular suicide location in the world)

After breakfast and lepak lepak, we took the walking trail down to Fort Point (very easy to navigate, not very steep so the walk down was not strenuous at all) and took more pictures and videos! I share some below la ok:

And a few pictures of me ~feeling feeling~ depan/near Golden Gate Bridge because why else would I go to the Golden Gate Bridge for?????????????? 

(I'm just joking kids, I really went there just to confirm that the bridge is indeed painted in international orange, and not red as per most people's beliefs )

Zaaaaaaappppppppppp. Dah macam dalam music video karaoke lagu jiwang seh. Siap dengan jacket kulit bedek 

And so what if I look like a chicken nugget, check out that postcard perfect backdrop in the second picture!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! God's nature is PERFECT, masya Allah

We stayed there for 2 and a half hours I think, just taking pictures and videos and enjoying the beautiful scenery. I like the part where Saliheen and I held hands, feeling the chilly breeze in our hair and on our faces, and we looked out over to the bridge and the rippling waters below it in quiet contemplation ♥ ♥ ♥ 

Oh, and in case you're wondering why there are no solo pictures of Saliheen, it's because he refuses to let me post any of them in my blog wtf. But whatevz la here is a wefie from his Samsung phone, which we took at the top of the walking trail and Saliheen has approved for blog publication *rolls eyes*:

Kalau you pelik kenapa kulit muka kita macam smooth semacam, jangan tegur ok  My husband insists it's because his Samsung phone has an AUTO "beauty" function ok LOL

After dah puas kat Fort Point, we walked down to Crissy Field and enjoyed the sight of cute dogs excitedly going on their walks hehe. Booked an Uber once we reached the end of Crissy Field to head over to Fisherman's Wharf! Nak makan fish and chips yay yay!

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