US 2017, San Francisco (Day 2, Part 3) - Fisherman's Wharf

Ok fellas as per usual, you can read about day 1 (part 1part 2part 3) and the earlier parts of day 2 (part 1 and part 2) first before this entry - where I blog about our trip down to the popular San Francisco spot Fisherman's Wharf! And the first order of business is lunch, of course.

I read great reviews online about this cute little food truck called The Codmother Fish & Chips and wanted to try the hype - happy to report that we were not disappointed at all! Yay! Great service from friendly staff and I like its casual al fresco setting. Shared a basket of fish and chips and fish tacos with baja sauce, both of which were super filling and so sedap!!! Comparable to the fish and chips we had at Poppies in London, if not better.

I don't have much experience with fish tacos but the ones here turned me into a convert! Need to look up fish tacos recipe online and try making them myself - I'm hosting a taco dendeng party over at my place this weekend so maybe I can be a little bit ambitious and throw in some fish tacos into the mix hmmmmm...

Anyway. We went jalan jalan around Fisherman's Wharf after a very satisfying lunch - bought souveniers, had crab chowder, tengok orang kasi pigeons makan, wandered into a space with creepy antique arcade machines and hunted down the Fisherman's Wharf signboard for a photo op. Heh. I have one story each about our souvenier hunt and crab chowder hunt because kalau takde these stupid little incidents macam tak sah la kan................

Souvenier hunt - we wandered into a souvenier shop and as usual, my husband lovesssss giving very merepek remarks (in Malay) about the things and people around us. And as usual, I kept shushing him! Saliheen thinks it's ok to cakap lepas in foreign countries because nobody will understand what we're saying in Malay, you see, whereas I believe there is always a possibility someone somewhere will understand our language, even if they don't look Malay (I mean, can you even argue with me on this??? There are Chinese and Indian and angmoh people who can speak and understand Malay all over the world seh!) I'd just finished shushing him about one of his remarks (either something vulgar or offensive) when the Chinese storeowner (who had just finished attending to an angmoh family) caught our eyes, smiled brightly and beckoned us over "Kamu dari mana???"

Eh thanks, turns out he is a Chinese Indonesian who has been living in San Francisco for over 12 years but is still very much fluent in bahasa hahahahaha. Of course I bising with Saliheen after we left the kedai and started lecturing him and exclaiming see I told you!!!!!!! He just thought it was all very funny and wouldn't stop laughing

Lagi boleh admit he can't remember all the shit he himself said. Irritating!

Clam / Crab chowder hunt - we were going to order clam / crab chowder at one of the kedai makan but the server told us ada lard (babi) kat dalam hahaha tenkzzz. Actually tu je la the story, we just went and cari another kedai lepas tu lolol. We weren't going to leave San Francisco without trying out their clam / crab chowder! But ya la just a word of caution for those who don't mind makan seafood when overseas - clam chowder, crab chowder sometimes ada babi or arak kat dalam ok. So ask first before you order eh sis

Started raining heavily when we wanted to leave Fisherman's Wharf but lucky for us the rain stopped 5 minutes later while we were walking to our next destination! (Their weather is erratic, by the way). We were headed towards Powell-Mason cable car line, which is walking distance from Fisherman's Wharf. Time to naik cable car! And by cable car I'm referring to San Francisco's famous cable car system eh i.e. the last manually operated cable car system in the world, not the cube thingies we have hanging in the air in Sentosa eh. Let's go!

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