US 2017, San Francisco (Day 2, Part 4) - Cable Car & Chinatown

So now that I've blogged about our day 1 (part 1part 2part 3) and earlier parts of day 2 (part 1part 2, part 3), it's time to wrap up our second full day in San Francisco!

Even before we stepped foot ke sana, we knew we had to hop on their cable car at least once - it is one of the main icons of San Francisco seh. So we chose to travel from Fisherman Wharf to our next destination (which was Chinatown) by way of cable car! A one-way trip ticket costs US$7.00 per adult, which is about S$10.00 (although you can get a one-day unlimited pass for US$17.00 if you're going to take multiple rides in a day) 

Guide on San Francisco's cable car system here.

It's was quite cool to see how the cable cars are operated and to experience firsthand how people of the past used to travel around in the city. The first picture below is the point where they manually turn the cable car to head back to the other direction and pick up passengers. 

We took videos during the cable car ride itself so no pictures to show for it - sorry! I'll just belanja gambar (above) of a cable car which was travelling in front of our hotel on our last morning in San Francisco and two pictures I kapok off the internet heh heh. Wish I could say we got the outer seats / stood at the edges but we got pushed into the carriage itself so we were seated inside throughout our whole journey. Still a nice little trip, though.

Dropped off at the stop nearest to Chinatown (the cable car operator will specially shout out the stop for Chinatown so that was useful heh) and we walked towards its well-known Dragon's Gate. Started raining again and we got our feet and hair soaked sigh...... not trying to make a pun but seriously, what a dampener! 

(Stopped raining after 10 minutes though... told ya their weather's erratic!)

We usually don't go to Chinatown in other countries (except the one in NYC because Saliheen wanted to see spots where past Chinese triad members used to clash + it was packaged as a tour with other locations we wanted to visit) but since we were in San Francisco, we didn't want to waste the opportunity to step foot into what is known as the largest Chinatown in the United States! If I had to step into just one Chinatown in my life (besides the one in my own country), then I might as well go to the biggest one kan. Go big or go home, amirite???

Wandered into its little lanes and it was nice to see all the little shops selling knick knacks and wares and Chinese food. But we weren't in the mood to go anywhere else after that because of the rain (which caused our flat limpy hair and soaked shoes) so we skipped Painted LadiesFerry Building and Tartine Bakery and made our way back to the hotel to munch on our egg tarts (we got them from their Chinatown's most popular bakery i.e. Golden Gate Bakery) and wash up before heading  to jalan jalan around Union Square somemore. And get dinner, of course! Guess where we bought our makan???????

HALAL GUYS Y'ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This was a tiba tiba last minute trip actually! You see, before we arrived, I already Googled for Halal Guys carts/outlets in California but didn't see any listing for San Francisco. So imagine my shock when we were in an Uber, just before turning into the street near where our hotel was located, and dengan secara kebetulan the corner of my eye caught sight of the iconic yellow and red Halal Guys logo?!!! 

I was in such shock, I furiously nudged Saliheen to look out of the window (with my mouth gaping open but no words coming out) but all he did was frantically reply oh oh ok ok ok ok ok and tiba tiba asked the Uber driver to stop and drop us off????? I asked him why after we alighted and he said oh I thought you're telling me kita dah terbabas jalan and need to get off from the Uber????? 

Mak kauz aku peh mangkok. I mean............ aku and Saliheen memang selalu miscommunication ah but that was just ridiculous sak hahahahahaha. Nasib baik 3 minutes' walk away from our hotel je hahaha abang Uber driver pun mesti confused kenapa belum sampai dah suruh stop and drop us off hahaha

Saliheen found out later that the Halal Guys outlet in San Francisco opened less than a week before we arrived ummmmm is it memang meant to be or MEANT TO BE seh?!?!?! To think we wouldn't have known about it if I didn't ternampak! And for it to be 3 minutes away from the hotel we were staying at????? Memang rezeki, I tell ya.

The food serving at the San Francisco outlet is a little different than the cart in NYC (can't remember the extra toppings but I think it's diced green peppers and somehing  else) but we were determined to have the same platters we had in NYC so we asked the counter staff to remove all of the unnecessary extras hehehe. Happy to say the platters tasted the same! We were very, very happy and very, very full people that night. Also kita dah pandai sekarang so we made sure we asked for extra hot sauce and white sauce to tapao home hehehehe

And that marks the lovely end to our last full day in San Francisco! We had a flight to catch the next morning to Los Angeles so we went to sleep and prepped ourselves to bid farewell to San Franciscooooo  ♥

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