US 2017, Los Angeles (Day 5, Part 1) - LACMA

After our first day (part 1, part 2, part 3, part 4) in LA, we started our second day with a visit to the Los Angeles Contemporary Museum of Arts... or lebih dikenali by its nama manja haha - LACMA! Admission fee is US$15.00 per adult, which is ok la standard museum pricing.

Walked around the museum to look at its art collections and even though we enjoyed our time there, we couldn't shake off the feeling that we still preferred MOMA (in NYC) over anything else. We really should make a return trip to NYC to ubatkan this rindu.................... (right?!?!) But back to LACMA!

I love the last painting and wish I could have a replica to hang in my own living room! 

As for the two paintings above the last one, I have a story to share with y'all.

This is a story I told Saliheen while standing in front of those paintings, and one I will retell to you guys:- When I was studying in Temasek Poly, we had to take on an elective every term and one of the electives offered was "Colours & Composition". It's a art-based class where you learn about colours and composition of painting and you had to paint stuff for your assignments - it sounded like something I would enjoy so obviously I signed up for it.

For one of our graded  assignments, we had the freedom to choose whatever we wanted to do - I chose to paint a self-portrait, reflecting on my struggles with identity, religion and cultural roots and the style in which I did my painting was similar to the 2 paintings (above). Brought it to class for presentation (where our teacher would assess our assignment) and I'll never forget what the teacher said (disapprovingly) at the end of my presentation: "Ummm, the features are disproportionate, and the colours are very dark and gloomy... this kind of painting is quite grotesque"


MY SELF-PORTRAIT PAINTING STYLE IS LIKE PABLO PICASSO ONE OK???????????? Not even joking here you guys, those two paintings I posted above ARE by Pablo Picasso if you don't believe me click here and here wtf. Dark gloomy colours, bold strokes and disproportionate features DUH?????

Ada ke dia cakap grotesque?!?!?!?!?! If you say my face is grotesque I can still take it la beauty is objective la right, but how can you as an art teacher NOT recognize that the painting style used is inspired by one of the greatest painters of our lifetime and call it GROTESQUE??? In a disapproving manner??? It is meant to be like that what!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

I think that apek is not qualified and don't know what he is talking about lor! Agaknya dia cuma suka those happy mural paintings bawah block yang ada flowers and butterflies tu kot??? Like hallo????? You study art from which school one????? Participation certificate from art classes at your neighborhood community centre tak pakai ok apek!

To be clear, I wasn't embarrassed by his remark, I was INDIGNANT OK! Wish there was a way to drag his smirking narrow-minded ass out and show him that such painting style was frequently used by an influential painter like Pablo Picasso and paintings with that kind of style gets hung on walls of renowned museums OK! Not saying my painting will ever be la hahahaha wahlau not that standard at all  but you get what I'm trying to say, right????? He didn't even know it was a artistic style?!!!

(Although once, when I was 12, one of my paintings was presented as a VIP gift to Assoc Prof Dr Yaacob Ibrahim during an opening ceremony of a local art exhibition *ahem* oh, and my primary school teacher texted me recently saying that one of the paintings I did in primary 5 is still being displayed outside the teachers' room wtf hahaha I guess it's because it wasn't some grotesque self-portrait; both of them were paintings of flowers LOLOL)

At last tu apek gave me C for that assignment. C!!!!! One and only C I ever got in poly. And it was for an elective. Which had nothing to do with my diploma. Thanks apek. I hope the ghost of Pablo Escobar Picasso haunts you at night 

(Also, sorry this turned into an entry that isn't really about LACMA hahahaha we didn't take a lot of pictures inside and it's not like I'm an art aficionado who has any valuable input to contribute pun haha. If it makes any difference, the ones which were memorable for me (besides the paintings above) were: Campbell's Soup CanThe Orator, Cold Shoulder, Two Women and Suicide at Dawn (yang ni baru betul grotesque sial hahaha))

After we were done with the museum, we headed out to its famous Urban Light installation outside:

It was drizzling when we walked out of the building exit and we were ready to wait for the drizzle to stop to take pictures. But luckily for us, it stopped after 5 minutes! Got a couple of pictures before other people started filling up the gaps to take their own pictures too... punya la challenging nak ambik gambar kat sini. Mengucap mak!

I must say the installation is very nice la during the daytime but apparently it's more lovely at night (they're refurbished LAMPPOSTS after all.............) so we figured we'd return time malam. So off we went for the next item on our itinerary, which was........ SHOPPING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Or more specifically Saliheen's shopping la because on this day dia hurray hurray dapat pergi all the brands/shops that he himself shortlisted to go. 

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