US 2017, Los Angeles (Day 5, Part 2) - Shopping @ Melrose Avenue & North Fairfaix Avenue

So after spending our morning at LACMA, we went on to the next item on our itinerary i.e. something that Saliheen had been looking forward to for months..... SHOPPING! More specifically streetwear shopping la.

Don't know how many times we drove up and down along Melrose Avenue and North Fairfax Avenue (where most of the streetwear brand stores are located). Some of the shops we went to: Adidas Originals, Round Two, The Hundreds, Flight Club, Diamond Supply Co, Supreme, Killion, etc.

An absolute favourite of Saliheen's has to be Round Two!!!!! We found out about them from a Youtube channel recommended by our friend Faidhi (thanks D!). Saliheen loved this place so much, he took a picture with the owner (*cough* fanboy *cough*) and we made a return trip to Round Two on a later day wtf (literally round two lolol)

Anyway, Round Two was also where we bought our now beloved Adidas NMD OG sneakers!!!!! The NMD hype has really caught on here in Singapore (you know it's #trendy when you have ciplak versions worn by apeks and nyonyas around the city hur hur) and even though there has been pretty nice colorways, nothing else can beat the OG version - the original shoe that catapulted the whole NMD hype and craze.

Nah I belanja satu gambar of my NMD OG sneakers:

Not as comfortable as Ultraboost but I really, really love how it looks

All of the streetwear shops close early at 7.00pm though so we left around that time. Tapao food back to our hotel room, had dinner then washed up before driving out to LACMA again. This was the first time I wore my brand new Adidas sweatshirt out and it was soooooooo comfortable and easy to wear that I ended up wearing it over everything over the next few days (as evident from my pictures after this hahahahaha)

I think we arrived back at the Urban Lights instillation at LACMA at around 10pm...? There were a number of people milling around the installation so we had a very hard time trying to get the perfect shot (i.e. without strangers' faces, hands and feet photobombing out shot lolol) But we managed la, albeit a mini angsty hissing at each other episode because I was so frustrated with other people coming into frame and Saliheen becoming frustrated with me because I "couldn't take a decent centralized picture" of him, can you believe that guy and his cerewetness..........

Some of our shots above, I really do love how they turned out! Hung around the installation like losers for a bit then we drove back to our hotel, crashed into bed just after midnight.................. and woke up to the pitter patter of rain outside our room the next morning, which washed away our dreams of going to Venice Beach hua hua huaaaaaaaaa

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