US 2017, Los Angeles (Day 6, Part 1) - Farmer's Market & The Grove LA

Soooooooooo of all days it had to rain, of course it had to happen on the very day we planned to head over to Venice Beach and Santa Monica pier i.e. outdoor locations that wouldn't be very fun in wet rainy weather la kan.

We waited it out for an hour and even though it went down to a drizzle, it was still not conducive to head to the beach so we reshuffled our itinerary and headed out to the Farmer's Market instead for breakfast. As our luck would have it, the drizzle stopped just as we parked our car! (Although it returned intermittently for minutes at a time throughout our visit at the Farmer's Market and The Grove la)

Had a hearty breakfast of scrambled eggs, hashbrown and toast at one of the shops in Farmers' Market then we jalan jalan for a bit (nothing much) before walking towards The Grove, which is this fancy shopping area next to it. Tbh I envisioned the Grove to be a bit more glamorous but maybe the on again off again drizzle/rain made it look... regular? Haha! I figured it'd probably be a nicer place to shop at in the evenings, not during wet mornings la.

Went shopping/window-shopping at some of the shops like Sephora (they didn't have ABH's Kathryn or Allison in stock either wtf), Topshop, Nordstrom, etc then grabbed a bottle of pressed juice before we left. Because, duh, LA. What are you even doing if you're not sporting a pressed juice bottle in your hand?????????? 

The weather was still pretty downcast by noon so we headed back to the Melrose Avenue/North Fairfax area because Saliheen wanted to squeeze in more shopping (ni dah bukan lawan tauke, ni dah macam memang dia yang tauke hahahaha). It was just as well since I wanted to take pictures depan two of the most instagrammable walls in LA - the Made in LA wall, and the Paul Smith pink wall hehe (addresses found here):

Had to take the one with the pink wall with my phone because Paul Smith has employed a guard to tell visitors they're not allowed to use DSLR cameras and to not lean on the wall while taking pictures. Oooook lor. But whatever, yang penting sekarang is: how cute is my Rip N Dip tshirt, you gaize????? 

Hehehehehe. Bought it from Zumiez in San Francisco! Wanted their Frida Kahlo t-shirt too but they didn't have the black one in stock. But issokey, still love the one I bought! So comfy too. I also wore it to watch the Beauty and the Beast movie with my family and when my mum first saw my baju she exclaimed eh kenapa kocek kau terbalek then when she saw the cat, she gave me a jeling hahahahaha! But it was a slightly amused + annoyed last warning eh baju kau jeling, not the deadly if-your-husband-wasnt-here-I'd-kill-you-right-now jeling she gave me when I recently told her I used to skip madrasah classes when I was younger and go lepak kat McDonalds Bedok HAHAHAHAHAHA

Anyway, as you can see from the picture above, the sun and blue skies came out to play while we were at Melrose Avenue so on the spot kita decide ok let's get our asses to Santa Monica pier now now now since the weather forecast was unreliable af and we didn't want to risk skipping Venice Beach/Santa Monica pier again because of another rainy morning. OFF TO SANTA MONICA, BABY!

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