US 2017, Los Angeles (Day 7) - Hollywood Walk Of Fame & Celebrities Homes Tour

On our second last full day in LA, Saliheen and I ventured out onto the Hollywood Walk of Fame to spot the "stars" bearing names of various celebrities along the pavements of Hollywood! No pictures because we were too pre-occupied with finding stars of our favourite celebrities and taking videos (haha) but here's a picture of Muhammad Ali (the professional boxer)'s star that Saliheen really wanted to see!

I'm sure this is a well-known fact by now but just thought I'd mention it anyway - his star is erected on a wall instead of on the pavement like the other stars because he didn't want our prophet's name to be stepped on)! So thoughtful, I love it. Oh, and can you imagine our happiness when we saw this?????

Emma Stone and I have the same size hands so we're practically the same person, amirite????? 

Also saw The Hunger Games main cast's handprints and foodprints, we were very excited ok!!!!! We're obsessed with the Hunger Games trilogy, and I personally love both the books and the movies, they're all amazing to me. I think the casting for the movies was perfect too, I really don't care if anyone disagrees (YOU SUCK)

Adding some other pictures we took while we were walking up and down the Hollywood Walk of Fame to nampakkan penuh this entry hahahaha:-

A picture taken of the TCL Chinese Theater:

A picture taken of the TCL Chinese Theater from across the road:

A picture of a hotel we did not stay at:

And a picture of the Hollywood sign from Hollywood & Highland lololol:

(Looks tiny but if you don't want to/don't have the time to go to any spots nearer to the Hollywood sign then the Hollywood & Highland linkway is good enough la. I mean... there's always the zoom button on your camera, amirite)

Here is a video snippet from my Instagram Stories on that day! Kinda blurry because I had to reduce its resolution (due to issues transferring from my phone to desktop) but aiyah this is not a Hollywood production la right just a silly video from my Instagram stories lolol:

(Ok I've been procrastinating and didn't publish this blog entry earlier because I wanted to figure out why the video won't play on desktop and can't even appear on mobile. But whatever la, don't care already - most of my friends would've already seen my instagram stories, everyone else doesn't care anyway LOL. I wanted to include the video for my own memories so I'll just publish this entry first la, and figure out how to fix this issue another time.)

We then went for our pre-booked Hollywood Celebrities' Home Tour! Hehehe

So silly and so frivolous but this is Hollywood leh, let us live a little! It was quite fun learning stuff about celebrity culture and history in Hollywood and getting to take a look at where scenes were filmed and where celebrities live, even if some of them were heavily guarded and you can only see their gates and driveways lolol (especially homes of bigger A-listers like Justin Timberlake, Beyonce, etc)

We didn't have time to properly jalan jalan Beverly Hills and Rodeo Drive but the guided tour brought us to lalu sini so ok la dapat jugak tengok tengok. If we ever have the rezeki to patah balek LA, we'll definitely allocate more time to spend in this neighborhood! Like, really jalan down the streets and shops.

Wanted to book this tour with Ultimate Hollywood initially (because they were the tour operator that ferried the Kardashian/Jenner sisters when they went on the tour in disguise, you can watch it here haha) and it would have cost us US$78.00 for 2 adult tickets. But I saw a Groupon by another tour operater Access Hollywood which offered 2 adult tickets for US$55.00 (plus US$10.00 off for first timers on Groupon USA). Didn't think there would be much difference in terms of service and visiting spots so we went with the cheaper option instead.

Someway somehow we booked a relatively empty slot (11.00am on a Wednesday) so it was just us and a Chinese family of 3 during the tour. Which was good because it meant more space for us! Our driver made great banter (dia buat kelakar sendiri ketawa sendiri hahaha) and I was happy we got to do this at least once in my lifetime. 

Saliheen too ok! I didn't even have to drag him or force him because he was more than a willing participant. When I asked whether we can go for the Hollywood Celebrities Home Tour, his reply was: "Of course!!! We are going to Hollywood seh" haha! He even asked me whether I was sure I wanted to take up the Groupon offer because "operator lagi satu tu kan yang pernah ada Kardashians duduk" HAHAHAHA amboi abang, nak ambik berkat ke

Can I just say that I'm a little annoyed? About 2 weeks after we left LA, Jimmy Kimmel (who was the host for this year's Oscars) surprised a group of tourists into the Dolby Theaters where the Oscars were held wtf?????

It makes me wonder all sorts of things like: why didn't we take that specific tour on that specific time and date??? Why?????????????? Why don't these things happen to us one ah???????????? Then again if something like this happened to us, it'd be pure embarrassment la confirm Saliheen will do something to embarrass me or I will embarrass myself in front of Hollywood celebrities and millions of viewers watching all around the world hahahahaha I don't think I want to be turned into a meme, that's not part of my 30 before 30 checklist pls hahahaha

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