US 2017, Los Angeles (Day 8, Part 1) - The Butcher's Daughter & Venice Beach

Apa maksud dah last full day in LA baru nak gi Venice Beach......... 

Hahahaha no thanks to unpredictable weather ok, which led to reshuffling of plans!

Actually we drove down to Venice Beach the previous afternoon (after the celebrity homes guided tour) but Venice Beach was filled with thick fog lolol. And there were many barricades because of a fashion runway event called Tommyland wtf so Saliheen and I left after less than half an hour. Tried to catch a glimpse of celebrities in attendance (Lady Gaga, Kris Jenner, Fergie, Bella Hadid, Gigi Hadid, etc) but takde nasib. They were probably ushered through special entrances la, saham jatuh seh kalau kena wait in line with regular folks hahahaha

We drove back to Venice Beach the next morning - tu pun nekad ah, tak tau hujan ke, foggy ke, taufan batu ke, ape ke. Weather forecast was really tak guna because whatever the predicted weather was for the rest of LA didn't seem to apply to Venice Beach! We were happy when we left our hotel because skies were looking blue and pretty but they turned grey about 10 minutes before we arrived Venice Beach wtf. Thaaaaanks.

Breakfast at The Butcher's Daughter because what's a trip to LA for if not for instagrammable avocado toast???

I love love love its interior! Such a lovely little place, casual vibes, good food, I can imagine enjoying brunch with a bunch of my girlfriends here if we all lived in LA hehe. I didn't fall super hard in love though, like how it happened with SQIRL hehe. If I had the freedom to choose, I'd choose SQIRL for the taste and quality of its food but choose The Butcher's Daughter for its winning ambience and space. 

Ventured out to Venice Beach after breakfast - there weren't many people out on the boardwalk yet, probably because it was still so early in the morning. Saw some guys ripping out their moves at the skatepark though.

And yes, as you can see, there was still fog enveloping the beach. Thaaaaaaaaaaaaanks. But if I want to look at it half glass full then well, at least it wasn't as thick as the previous afternoon..........

Saliheen quipped this is tempat Pamela Anderson tengah salin swimsuit HAHAHAHAHA

Anyway, I'm not even sure if it was fog that enveloped the beach??? It wasn't difficult to breathe or anything like that ah, quality of air felt normal to me when we walked down to the beach, just that surroundings very kabur. Tu pun masih ada orang surfing hahaha betul punya Californian spirit. Wished it was bright and sunny like in pictures but at least we could enjoy the chilly temperature! And since we're in the spirit of glass half full, at least we got to jejak Venice Beach at least once in our lifetime~~~

Didn't stay long since we had other plans but I told Saliheen if we ever return to LA, we need to go back to Venice Beach when it's sunny and spend at least half a day. We've been talking about a return trip to the US early next year kalau kita belum ada rezeki anak by that time so we'll see how that goes. Tengok rezeki mana datang dulu!

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