US 2017, Los Angeles (Day 8, Part 2) - The Broad Museum & Grand Central Market

After breakfast and a morning stroll at Venice Beach, we hopped into our rental car and drove up to downtown Los Angeles for the next museum on our itinerary - The Broad! It's the hottest new contemporary art museum in town so it's very, very popular  and very, very busy - admission is free but you have to book a slot in advance. Checked their website for the very few available slots left and found one which worked for us.

If my Colours & Composition elective lecturer saw that last art piece, he'd probably dismiss it as "grotesque". Because he is an apek who really has no business teaching art in a tertiary setting.



I enjoyed myself tremendously at The Broad and dare I say it - I actually like it better than LACMA! But MOMA is still my unbeatable top choice la of course haha. That said, I do recommend visiting The Broad museum if any of you guys are heading to LA! It's cool and vibrant and very instagrammable hahahaha #penting #priority

Check out the throngs of visitors waiting for their turn to get admitted into the museum.

Picture of Walt Disney Concert Hall which is next to The Broad. Kita tak masuk ah, appreciate dari luar je. It actually looks even cooler from another angle, see here.

After we were done with The Broad, we drove a short distance to Grand Central Market next for lunch and to check out the vendors there! Very quaint space with lots of different and interesting food vendors and the market itself has been around since 1917 (which means it has been around for 100 years whut whut). 

I watched a video (here) about the market getting gentrified in recent years, which makes me sad and uncomfortable but......... sigh I don't know, this is a serious topic which is bigger than me and my blog so I'd prefer to leave it for discussion with trusted friends behind closed doors instead (like I always do with social commentary and heavier topics like religion and politics)

Oops looks like we have no pictures of the market because kita busy jalan jalan tengok tengok je hehe. Settled down for lunch at a very popular and hyped up spot but it turned out to be very disappointing. I'm not good at cooking but I can probably make a much better egg cheese sandwich seh. Or at least with my husband's guidance ah hahaha

To think they are very lucrative and have long lines snaking around the block! Maybe Saliheen and I have been doing it wrong in life eh. Maybe instead of slaving at our corporate office jobs in Singapore, we should be pounding out egg cheese sandwiches in a downtown LA market hahahahaha

We had a few more hours to go before we had to return our rental car so we did some last minute shopping. Saliheen happy la dapat patah balek to his street brand shops too! We dropped off our rental car (We will miss you, Ford Mustang!) later in the afternoon before going for dinner and bit more jalan jalan at Hollywood & Highland. 

Bit of drama happened before dinner though - Mel was frantically texting me about Katya and Trixie Mattel tengah jalan jalan on the Hollywood walk of fame wtf!!!!!!!!!! You see, Mel and I are obsessed with Rupaul's Drag Race (TV competition which incorporates elements of ANTM and Project Runway but with drag queens instead, which makes it more fun, hilarious and entertaining) and they are drag queens who competed in one of the seasons. 

In between Mel's updates and stalking their social media, Saliheen and I sprinted all over Hollywood to catch them in person!!!!!!!!! But alas, we couldn't catch up with them and they stopped updating their instagram stories after awhile so I had to go to dinner feeling defeated :( WE WERE SO CLOSE OK! But takpe lah, not meant to be, mana tau I'll meet them in person kat Dragcon next year instead...? #citacitatinggi hahahaha

Walked back to our hotel room after dinner and jalan jalan, checked out and bundled up our luggages into an Uber to Crowne Plaza Hotel! We didn't want to risk getting stuck in traffic the next morning and possibly missing our flight so we decided to stay the night in another hotel which is less than 5 minutes' drive away from the airport (Most hotels near LAX offer complimentary airport shuttle service)

Don't think you wanna read anything about the uneventful overnight stay and our early morning flight home so I guess that's pretty much it - our trip to San Francisco and Los Angeles is OVER! I still want to blog about what happened at LAX airport upon our arrival ah and to wrap up the whole trip but for now, I'm just happy my blogging mojo carried me through the past two months hehe. 

And now I patiently wait because Saliheen and I are headed to Bangkok... IN LESS THAN TWO WEEKS!!!!!

I'm reaaaaaaaaaaaaally looking forward to this short 5D4N trip because (1) I am in desperate need of cheap cheap good good body massages (2) I am craving for super yummy, super spicy and super authentic Thai food (3) I haven't been to Bangkok in 8 years and I miss it very much (4) A two-hour flight sounds like music to my ears and comfort to my bontot (just realized kita really bantai and sat through 3 long haul flights in a span of less than 12 months what the heck apa maksud) (5) I'm finally turning into a thirty year old auntie adult WAIT WHAT????????????

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