Birthday in Bangkok (Part 3 of 3)

Voila! Here's my third and final blog entry on my recent Bangkok trip! You can click here for part 1 and click here for part 2 then come back for this entry - gonna blog about the few markets we managed to visit during the trip.

Palladium Night Market

A pretty generic Thai night market selling mostly fashion stuff like tops, bottoms, bags, shoes, accessories, etc. Didn't spend much time here because space was very cramped + it was hot so it can get you sweaty (me) and cranky (Saliheen) in a matter of minutes. It's located next to our hotel though so it was a quick cross over the bridge + it was convenient for us because it is right next to our next destination, which was the Talad Neon Night Market. 

Talad Neon Night Market

I really like Talad Neon Night Market, but I think it's because it's just 5 minutes walk from our hotel so made it feel worthwhile? It wasn't very crowded and the spaces in between booths were much bigger than the other night markets we went to (i.e. Palladium and New Roi Fad Ratchada) so that's probably why I was very at ease walking around this market. Might also be because I scored plus-sized purchases here!!!!!

Funny story - we were just walking around, minding our own business, me sipping on my cup of iced milk tea, when Saliheen nudged me and I caught sight of this cute wrinkly old woman excitedly beckoning me over. I immediately knew why she was excited to see me because the minute our eyes locked, she started puffing up her cheeks and repeatedly shaped her arms into a large slightly unconnected 'O' in front of her body - which basically meant she was trying to tell me that she sells clothes for fat people like me HAHAHAHAHA

Other people might have been offended or affected by this but NOT ME, NAH-UH. My fat little heart started racing because I became as excited as she was!!!!! I knew she was going to be my person that night, and that I was going to burn some serious baht on her. Pretty much me skipping over to her stall in a gif:

Bought some kaftans and comfy Thai casual pants from her stall - you know those puffy loose pants with elephant or flower motifs on them? I know la you can find those everywhere in Bangkok but don't eksyen ah when you've never been in my shoes (or in my Thai comfy pants in this instance) OK?!?!?! Do you know how goddamn hard it is for plus size people like me to fit into those damn pants????? Their "free size" always tipu one!!!!!!!!!!!!! Always ketat kat pantat or challenging kat peha, sneeze satu kali je dah koyak seribu wtf

Which is why I was so freaking happy when the old woman seller showed me that her barang barang jualan were for larger people!!!! She had sizes up till XXL (which was the size I got) and they are comfy af. I get to lounge and stretch in them without the seams ripping!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! God bless her and her kind little heart for stocking up on larger sizes for people like me. May her business prosper forever!!!!!

I can't remember where her stall is located specifically in Talad Neon night market but it's somewhere closer to the area where Palladium Mall/Berkeley Hotel is. And the old woman is deaf and mute, so she communicated through grand gestures and a laminated piece of "menu" showing the sizes and prices of items in her stall. Everything is negotiable if you buy more than 1 piece! And all back and forth negotiation are done by punching numbers into her calculator hehe.

New Roi Fad Ratchada

I wanted to go to the NEW Roi Fad Ratchada night market because it is nearer (15 minutes drive away from Amari Watergate Hotel without traffic) and much more accessible than the original Roi Fad night market which is half an hour away (without traffic). Maklum la, sejak dah tua ni, convenience is key.

[Mini rant before I talk about the market:- Can you believe it, we got ripped off by a taxi driver when we wanted to go to this night market seh! A trip that should have been 100 baht (S$4.00) became 500 baht (S$20.00)! Saliheen and I generally don't mind if drivers jack up the price a bit because we personally feel 100 baht for a 15 minute drive is ridiculously cheap and kesian jugak la the drivers have to rempuh so much for so little money. But agak agak la wei! Kalau 200 ke 300 baht kita masih boleh terima but he had the cheek to jack up price sampai 5 kali ganda.

Too malas to share how it happened la, anyway we comforted ourselves by hoping the money will be spent for a good cause; maybe he no money to pay for his children's milk and pampers ke, kena pay hefty medical fees for his sick parents ke apa ke. Tapi try pikir baik pun we were still scarred by it la... serik! Refused to board any taxis after that and travelled by Uber only - most of our trips were 100 baht, but we topped up additional 100 baht as tip whenever possible. The only downside of Uber in Bangkok is that they always arrive later than estimated time because of the city's heavy traffic. But it's ok la. We'd rather wait and pay for someone who wants to earn a honest living.]

Anyway! Tak nak cakap benda yang dah lepas lagi la. Arrived at the night market and was surprised - I expected something quiet and chill like Talad Neon but this one had a very different vibe! It's very vibrant and damn happening, there is live singing and music blasting from nearby pubs, a whole lot more human traffic and closely packed apparel and makan stalls. Got halal stall selling yummy barbecued meat and fishballs/meatballs too! Worth a trip if you have the time. Didn't buy anything else other than food here though, takde kedai baju plus size kat sini ah geng hahaha.

Some additional snaps from my IG stories:


Disclaimer: We didn't eat the fried insects la. ObviouslyKan takde MUIS halal cert HAHAHA K BAI

Chatuchak Market

What is a Bangkok trip without Chatuchak Market????? Although if we return to Bangkok in the near future I'll probably skip Chatuchak Market kalau tak cukup time heh. Not because there is anything wrong with Chatuchak Market la, I just want to try out other places in Bangkok (like a floating market) which are also only available during weekends. Anyway, their barang barang more or less the same as other markets, cuma you can browse through more shops since the  market is massive + if you come here you get to try out halal Thai food from a restaurant called Saman Islam - it's located next to the clock tower, somewhere in the middle of Chatuchak Market.

Saliheen finds their popular beef noodles biasa biasa aje but I quite like it! Then again I'm a hantu beef noodles so it can taste like air letak garam and I will probably still think it's very nice hahahaha. Sorry kalau mengugat your iman with food pictures during bulan puasa! I assume if you're an orang dewasa yang beriman you should be able to take gambar makanan during fasting la kan ☺

Very happy with this Bangkok trip because we got to do some shopping and relaxation, spend quality time with each other and celebrate myself turning 30! Ramadhan is going to fall during the month of May for the next few years so these annual birthday trips will probably take a backseat but that's perfectly fine with me - I'm very grateful for all of the birthday trips that Saliheen has brought me on for the past few years + I know I'll enjoy celebrating life wherever Saliheen brings me, even if it is in our own cosy bedroom in Tampines. Got aircon and katil empuk! Tinggal nak convince dia pasang TV and mini fridge je dalam bilik HAHAHAHA

Dengan itu, sekian terima kasih and selamat berpuasa wahai insan yang beriman!

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