We're Going to Kyoto & Osaka!

I belum officially blog about where we're going for our next trip but if you're observant or kaypoh (choose yourself k hahaha) you would've noticed my countdown counter and know that we're going back to.............................

.......................... JAPAN!!!!!!!!!! 

Omg like finally laaaaa after talking about returning to Japan for ages! If you've read my entries about our Tokyo trip last year (here), you'd know that both of us fell in love so hard with Tokyo, Japan (the food, the people, the culture, everything) and we've been yearning and aching to return to their land ever since. We're skipping Tokyo this time round though, and heading to Kyoto and Osaka in hopes that they will awe and inspire us as much as Tokyo did.


So far, we've already booked the two main things for any holiday - flights (we decided on SQ) and accommodation in Kyoto and Osaka (we're still sticking to hotels via Agoda). We also have a rough itinerary planned out but as always, we're still on a lookout for possible things to do and places to see - tips and recommendations are welcome!

And can you guys believe it - this upcoming trip will be in celebration of our 4th wedding anniversary! FOURTH! It still feels so surreal, you know, Saliheen and I always feel like we've only just gotten married recently but at the same time it feels like we've been together forever??? Like, we struggle to remember that we've been in relationships with other people before but at the same time it's difficult to comprehend the idea that we've been together long enough that if our relationship was a person, he/she would be halfway through primary school education already haha. Does that even make sense??? I'm sure there are other couples who feel the same as us and understand what I mean.

We were together for 5 years before we got hitched which means we've been hitting it up with each other (hehe) for NINE YEARS. 9!!! For someone umm experimental like me whose longest relationship before this was 1 year and 3 months (hahaha), happily and willingly spending 9 years with the same person sounds like a pretty cool thing.

Tapi tau apa lagi cool tak?

The weather in Japan when we head there this coming November. HEHEHEHE.


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    1. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh I'm excited! Hope I'll fall in lahve with it too!


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