This Blog is Over

I just wanted to post a quick entry to say that this blog is over. I closed all of my blog entries a few weeks ago but I've been getting emails and messages from well-meaning strangers who want to refer to my travel and renovation entries for their own research. In hopes that those entries will indeed be useful for others, I will keep them up.

I also have had requests to re-open my wedding blog but personally I feel it is way past its prime and it really wouldn't be useful to current brides-to-be. My planning and research was from 2012/2013 and most of the information would have expired/changed. Heck, my perspectives on wedding planning might have even changed. And there are so many new and improved vendors now! I'm sure there are other bride bloggers who are more current and can share better information now (not that I know any, I'm so out of loop already)

So I guess this is it for Hello Khronicles. So long and goodbye!

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